OGF provides investors with a complete package of services for investors from originating to managing of rural assets. Strategic planning, budgeting, aims, and goals are then executed with rigorous detail in farm and land-use


Using their extensive knowledge of the rural environment, the OGF team sources unique investment opportunities, which align with investor aims and goals. This is done actively through the network of contacts OGF has throughout Sudan and East Africa.

Due Diligence

OGF takes the investor from the sourcing of farms, through the due diligence processes required to ensure investment aims can be achieved. Productivity gain, development and cost control opportunities are all assessed during this process and the long history of delivering on these key return drivers that the OGF team has, is crucial to the purchase of the ‘right asset at the right price’.

OGF’s professional and knowledgeable team also assists with the legal and regulatory processes required to obtain the asset, which ensures all components that are required to operate an efficient asset are retained in the purchase process. This service can significantly reduce the costs associated with the acquisition and can also expedite the whole process.

Surveying and Auditing

At the beginning of every operation, the OGF teams carries out an intensive audit of the project area. By applying world-leading experts in hydrology, soil science, agronomy, forestry and business management, the audit narrows down the bottlenecks in production and performance.

Feasibility Studies

OGF feasibility study determines the practicality of farming for a given agricultural project at a given site. It provides the landowner or investor with a thorough and comprehensive study covering all potential development aspects for the given land. This study usually includes a highlighted and detailed installation methodology, presented in different steps as well as an exhaustive cost analysis and financial forecast.

Design and Development

OGF asset management philosophy reflects our belief that to optimize performance, farm and rural land investments are best identified and managed through the integration of both agricultural and asset management expertise.

The OGF teams develops investment opportunities and return targets based on client objectives. OGF originates agricultural investment opportunities by utilizing country-specific industry expertise and strategic relationships. The investment design is based on research, local context knowledge and investment fundamentals. Clients can benefit from our successful integration of financial management skills and hands-on property-level farming knowledge.

OGF projects are not limited to primary production. The OGF specialists analyze value chains for opportunities and look to find parts of the value chain that need additional investment. Often the most attracting investments are the ones that can unlock a value chain by filling a gap, which can be a processing plant, storage, logistics, the seed sector etc.

Operations and Management

OGF addresses the issues identified during due diligence, auditing, and feasibility studies to improve production and commercial management, drive operating and economic performance and, consequently, increasing the value of the managed properties. OGF monitors and ensures the integrity of the properties by recommending and overseeing the implementation of individual maintenance activities and the replacement or disposal of fixed assets, as required.

The OGF Operations and Farm Managers have experience in successfully managing hundreds of thousands of hectares of farmland around the world, often in the most challenging destinations.

Digital Platform

From sourcing to managing the farms and monitoring the assets, OGF’s decision making is data driven. The digital tools vary from the state-of-the-art farm management software to machine-learning powered satellite data analytics.

Maximising returns

At the core of OGF is an extensive knowledge and history of top performance across numerous regions and enterprises of Sudan’s agriculture. With a handpicked team of on farm managers, agronomists, contractors, and staff the focus is always on providing the best returns possible to the investor.

Product value-addition through marketing is another service OGF provides, and this remains a key component of maximizing returns against a risk framework that is tailored to the invertors risk profile. With decades of experience between the directors comes with unteachable knowledge of markets and how to operate in a low-risk fashion within this environment.

Natural Capital

OGF team consist of climate finance experts, which allows the company to source, design, manage and evaluate agriculture and forestry projects that sequester carbon while delivering above market returns.

Our climate projects build natural capital – carbon sequestration, fertile soil, clean water, and biodiversity – while, quite paradoxically, delivering investment alpha. Natural capital investment opportunities range from dryland forestry and agroforestry to regenerative cropping and ranching.

Environment and Social Governance (ESG) is assessed and monitored on all climate finance projects, using the International Finance Corporation (IFC)’s Performance Standards as a guide.