Delivering expert farm managerial services throughout Sudan’s rapidly developing and diverse Agricultural Landscape

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The new age of agriculture is driving OFM to deliver investors higher levels of cleaner, safer and environmentally friendly farming operations.


Orgamed Farms (OGF) is a Sudanese agriculture service and rural asset management company.

Through a combination of highly experienced and dedicated staff, OGF prides itself on local content with real local agriculture, farmland, forestry, and investment knowledge and leveraging this with partnerships to some of the world’s leading agriculture and forestry technical experts, agriculture and forestry technology and agriculture and forestry equipment manufacturers.


Our strengthening network of industry experts includes relations with

with top law firms, banks and financing institutions, government officials and key decision makers not just on a federal but on a state level, we extend legal and financial expertise for international investment, and we oversee investments according to international codes of ethics and standards. Our knowledge base allows investors to identify assets suitable for their investment or production targets.

Africa’s agriculture is poised & equipped to meet rising global food demand and population growth requirements.